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Determining the age of antique furniture: Pine by Probst54
Determining the age of antique furniture: Pine There are several factors to help pin down the date. This usually has to do with the widths of the wood, how it is joined together and what nails and screws were originally used. I date this ...
Russel Wright OR Leslie Diamond ???? by MCRobert
Conant Ball In the Wild
Walking through GW last week I saw some little ceramic owls and thought of the 'Owl Craze' I've noticed recently on the usual online forums. While looking at the forlorn pair, I noticed the unique drawer pattern of the big piece of brown furniture ...
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by Jldixon - 13 hours ago
Help!I bought this piece at auction last week. Can anyone help me identify it? The back of the drawer has a very faded signature that looks like "62 S Baul"although the u could be a w or a ...
by fluple - 17 minutes ago
Great! I look forward to seeing them!
by Vale - 1 hour ago
1. The ball and claw foot was inspired by what Chinese design? 2. What sort of claws are usually seen on American made furniture? A. Lion's paws B. Eagle talons C. Dragon claws
by Vale - 1 hour ago
This sofa has been reupholstered. The original makers cloth tag reads; "Richelieu Furniture Collection" Authentic French Reproductions. It was sewn on after reupholstered. What era and ...
by Guest - 3 hours ago

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