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Japanese Lacquered Jewelry Box by Antiques RSA
The recent blog I wrote covered the topic of the ancient art of Chinese Lacquer in the form of an antique Tea Caddy. Japanese lacquer techniques are not as old as the Chinese techniques and there are certain differences which you can read more about ...
Refurbishing An Antique Lock by Antiques RSA
Lost or misplaced keys invariably lead to items being forced open or if unlocked abandoned and never used again. I have often found such items badly damaged due to the lock being forced open or rusted and seized in the open position. These locks are ...

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by Antiques RSA - 6 minutes ago
I have a Johnson brothers set with stamp mark of crown with squared off corners, in a green stamp. the pattern appears to be lilies and roses. A dinner plate measures 10 inches. Does ...
by Guest - 1 hour ago
Needing to know the year this was made and the value of this piece?
by saginaw mohagany china ... - 1 hour ago
Needing to know the year this was made and the value of this piece #444?
by saginaw mohagany china ... - 1 hour ago
Hi- Have you sold any of this? Would you be interested in selling individual pieces?
by Alicia - 2 hours ago
I have tried searching for anything similar to this side table. It has the Finch Fine Furniture metal plate inside the 2nd drawer, 3 drawers, scroll work across the bottom, all original ...
by mhossele - 4 hours ago
My parents have a five foot octagon coffee table. Purchased in the sixties I am looking for information about it and its value
by April in Texas - 4 hours ago
I have a mid century Saginaw expandomatic desk. I'm curious to understand why Saginaw offered the laminate surface without leaves.
by Guest - 5 hours ago
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