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How to refinish a Dixie bedroom set by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Dixie bedroom set. Here's how I refinished my Dixie bedroom set. I used a teak stain and the color is way better. I usually prefer not to use staining to preserve the beauty of the original wood, but in this case I had ...
Still plenty of treasure out there IV by Probst54
Empire era, American made, 1825, flame mahogany dresser. If these can be attributed to a specific maker, the high end is $100K. This is in the low end 5% of the spectrum. Morticed joints for extra strength. Culpeper, Virginia. This is the ...
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My husband and I have a 7 piece United Furniture, Mediterranean style, "Conquero" pattern Bedroom Set. We purchased this bedroom set in 1971. One of the drawer handles has broken and we're ...
by Guest - 1 hour ago
Hello, I have a trioh coffee table, it is teak with tile on top. The tile is cream with brown trees as a design. I cannot find this table anywhere for comparison ...
by Glenna - 1 hour ago
How much is this piece worth and how old is this piece oak chair http://www.myanti
by Mark - 2 hours ago
Okay, Last (I hope) Question, what are the dimensions of it?? Also what is the space between the shelves??
by Alsgal87 - 3 hours ago
Yay!!! Glad I could help out! I hope you have great success in selling it!!
by Alsgal87 - 4 hours ago
Is it screwed together or nailed?? Is the back one solid board or plywood??
by Alsgal87 - 4 hours ago
I can not find anything like what you have. I will keep looking though.
by Alsgal87 - 7 hours ago
Love the color!!! I think the wallpaper look is totally cute!! But it would have to coordinate with what ever your put in it. Love your ideas!!
by Alsgal87 - 8 hours ago
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