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Antique Mechelen Table in Johnny Cash Boyhood Home Museum by EuroLux Home
We were delighted when the Johnny Cash Boyhood Home Museum in Dyess, Arkansas bought an antique Mechelen table from us. It's now on display in the famous singer's family dining room! The story behind the Mechelen table and why it belongs in the ...
Still Plenty of Treasure out there part two October 28, 2015 by Probst54
If you have followed my blogs about stumbling over treasure and my affinity for the tavern table story - here is a brand new tavern table story along with the key attributes of a tavern table photographed just now in my kitchen. I was visiting one ...
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I have an vintage waterfall bedroom set circa 1947 passed down from my grandma in very good shape minus a few areas where the wood veneer is lifting. There are six pieces in total. Any ...
by LC - 11 minutes ago
How wide is the widest board and is it nailed down with antique nails? Rectangular shape heads?
by Probst54 - 28 minutes ago
First of all, i am an antique newbie, inspired by my late Papa Jerry's love and passion for the old and dusty. I just bought a gossip bench today from a local thrift store, that I plan to ...
by StephenD - 3 hours ago
how much is a curved glass china secretary worth approx. 100 years old.
by Guest - 3 hours ago
let me think about this. shipping it would probably be too much for me. I will get back to you.
by expanding table - 5 hours ago
I have an Ethan Allen love seat I inherited. I believe it is at least 40 yrs old. It comes from the Maiden, NC plant and has an item number 19-7732-5 and is described as a "wd form lvse" ...
by Sue Puffet - 5 hours ago
We do not have the legs, only the top. The only photo online I can find that shows a table with the same legs is attached.
by need legs - 6 hours ago
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