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Yellowwood Table by Antiques RSA
Using the detailed step by step instructions kindly posted by Probst54 I have at last made my own Harvest or Farm / Kitchen Table. This is something I have always wanted for our kitchen and it is very much a South African item found on farms around the country. Yellowwood is our national tree and is both strictly protected and well managed. Only trees that are dying or struck by lightning can be ...
Sikes Chair by D156

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Many thanks! Much appreciated!!
by shaz - 11 minutes ago
Does anyone know how much the buffet table os worth we have that and the matching hutch
by nicole - 8 hours ago
How much is this worth? It is the hutch that goes with the buffet table below. We have both pieces. Thank you
by nicole - 8 hours ago
If the table is still for sale. Please send me pictures to <email>
by Chevy - 10 hours ago
Any help identifying this Hutch would be greatly appreciated. If possible I would appreciate any help telling me when this piece was made, what it may be made of and value. Thank you ...
by Guest - 11 hours ago
If the height is right, you might really enjoy it as a desk. However, I believe it may have been designed as a console or pier table, intended simply to decorate the space between two large ...
by Anne JMS - 12 hours ago
On the contrary, this could bring a nice price once restored. It is basically a Colonial Revival platform rocking chair, which was also called a fireside rocker, quite popular in America ...
by Anne JMS - 12 hours ago
I bought this pair at our local goodwill for $20. years ago & have never been able to determine their age . Andy has a tag but Ann does not, any additional info would be awesome . Thank you ...
by Kseevers - 13 hours ago
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