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Writing Slope Restoration - (Final Part) by Antiques RSA
The last image of Part Three of this topic showed the preparation of the leaves for the new insert. The surface has been sanded and aligned. The first step is to glue the hinge which is a piece of strong cloth. I have used ordinary wood glue ...
Japanese Parquetry Secret / Puzzle Box by Antiques RSA
The recent blog by Probst54 concerning large items of furniture and their desirability / collectibility / value makes for interesting reading. Whatever the reasons, large items in general do have their drawbacks. Smaller items remain collectable ...

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Sounds like you have amassed a great big pile of tax write off. Donate it for charity. It is a terrible market for common mass produced furniture.
by Probst54 - 23 minutes ago
here is back stamp
by DE McNichol - 2 hours ago
I have a waterfall art deco vintage vanity. I would like to know about how much it's worth. and if there any other pieces like a dresser possibly headboard. that go along with it. and ...
by tinaaaaaa - 5 hours ago
Hopefully these pics help. My understanding is that it came from the mid-west. An older couple from church gave it to me. They had always intended to restore it but never did. I have the ...
by Teresa - 6 hours ago
by Desi - 6 hours ago
We also have one of these beds (full size). We sold them at our store in Galena, IL. The fact that the rails screw in indicates that it is not old. We sold twin & full size for about 10 ...
by Dorothy - 10 hours ago
To Bakersfield Mark, I have a table in much better condition than the photos above. I live in South Florida. If you are interested, let me know. Mark from Florida
by Ethan Allen Cog/Gear ... - 11 hours ago
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