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When is it ok to refinish antique furniture? by Vale
If you have ever asked when it is ok to refinish antique furniture, then you have probably been told "never". A novice might think that refinishing the piece would restore it to its original beauty and, therefore, increase its value. However, it ...
What chair has arms that swing out? by Vale
Have you ever seen a chair with arms that swing out? Planter's chairs, or Plantation chairs, are most commonly associated with India, the Indies, and regions of Southeast Asia that were once part of the British colonies. However, similar chairs ...

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do you still have the double gooseneck rocker?
by Lori - 3 hours ago
Can you please tell me what style table this is? I want to research it's value before I do anything http:/
by Karen - 6 hours ago
hi-i have one down in Dallas texas-it is in need of refurbishing-let me know if interesting rodd
by rodd372 - 6 hours ago
Hi anyone able to date this and know who signed it ive no info at all http://www.myantiquefurniturecollection.co
by Karld - 7 hours ago
Found a 4.5 foot x 3.5 foot double oval giltwood mirror it was painted cream but a baby wipe revealed gold gilt can anyone id what this is and how rare if at all .. i cant find a similar 1 ...
by Karld - 7 hours ago
Hi looking for info on this old wardrobe it has dovetails which i only heard about lol seems old has hooks inside thats about all i can tell i think its mahogany i will take better pics ...
by Karld - 7 hours ago
Would like to sell my Morgantown Stratton 3420 china cabinet, Buffett, and table and chairs. Need to know what it's worth ht
by Guest - 8 hours ago

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