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To Tell the Truth -- Can an old desk speak? by Anne JMS
You remember that classic TV game show, "To Tell the Truth", in which impostors try to fool the panel into believing their story? Want to try your luck on a piece of furniture with a story to tell? A Guest on this antiques forum posted a question about a rather plain old folding desk that she and her husband had acquired from a storage unit sale. They just needed something sturdy, not too ...
Heart of Pine bench by Probst54

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We have made another upgrade to our security system which was causing some actions to get blocked. We fixed issues we have found on our logs causing people to get blocked. If you are ...
by admin - 11 hours ago
Please help me identify age and value. BFN or BFM found on the straps. No sign of screws or nails in the joints. Thanks for your time. Leanne ...
by Leanne - 9 minutes ago
Wow! :shocked: Jim? Probst? Anyone, enlighten us.
by Anne JMS - 1 hour ago
If you could very carefully back out one of the oldest looking screws , it might help us to date the construction, based on the shape of the screw itself. Also, cou
by Anne JMS - 1 hour ago
Does anyone know of a furniture maker mark of VIH I have that stamped crudely in the back of an old secretary desk no other marks ...
by Guest - 1 hour ago
Hand made dovetails too.
by Probst54 - 2 hours ago
Very interesting and useful info, Jim. Thanks.
by Anne JMS - 3 hours ago
Thank you for responding. I have acquired some of the set...but am still in need of a nightstand. I know it may be unlikely you are willing to sell it alone...but I have managed to find ...
by Lucyjayne76 - 3 hours ago
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