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Picture of the month 1860s cupboard by Probst54
Determining the age of antique furniture: Pine There are several factors to help pin down the date. This usually has to do with the widths of the wood, how it is joined together and what nails and screws were originally used. I date this ...
Russel Wright OR Leslie Diamond ???? by MCRobert
Conant Ball In the Wild
Walking through GW last week I saw some little ceramic owls and thought of the 'Owl Craze' I've noticed recently on the usual online forums. While looking at the forlorn pair, I noticed the unique drawer pattern of the big piece of brown furniture ...
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Sweet chest!
by treeman22 - 1 day ago
I am looking for a solid maple vanity and bench made by The Continental Furniture Co., High Point, NC. On the back of the chest on chest there was the #152. The furniture is over 80 years ...
by Guest - 18 minutes ago
I would love it if you post some photos.
by Yumary - 47 minutes ago
How can you date a piece of furniture by the joints? What were the different joint types used and for what time periods?
by Vale - 11 hours ago
I have a link taylor dresser and armoire I was interested to c what it is worth and when it could have been made
by Guest - 11 hours ago
Thanks for the input. I did think it looked kinda neat in the truckbox heh. I took some cleaner and cleaned it up real good and the chair looks amazing now. Almost want to keep it but don't ...
by Riplin - 12 hours ago
Hi, Please help me identify the furniture maker. Thank you! http://www.myanti
by Guest - 15 hours ago

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