1959 Sectional sold by Montgomery Ward....Who made it?

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Hi there,

My wife and I bought this sectional off craigslist. We bought it because we liked the design and we were going to have it restored. When we got it home we found a tag on it stating it was sold by Montgomery Ward in Nov 1959.

Who made the furniture to be sold by MW? It is a pretty unique design.

Thanks for any help!!

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Re; The sofa.
The furiture restorer can give you the full information, when you get it done.
Yours etc...DL

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About the 1959 sectional sofa. I have the same one. The only information I had was 1959. Wow. I just had it done and omg! I was blown away! The guy who did it said it was made in 1959 but that's all had. Ther were no store tags. But I can tell you what he said about the legs. He was very impressed with them and mention it several times. He kept saying.... Look a those legs! The wood is Ash. Ive never seen an ash couch leg, it cost too much. They used a less expensive wood for legs. And the metal caps are brass. These are not cheap legs. And they're not attached to the couch, they are part of the construction.
So, maybe that will help. The legs are very unusual

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