Bentwood rocking chair with stickers.

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My husband and I recently found a bentwood rocking chair for $25. It is quite beautiful and I would like to know more about the chair. It has two stickers underneath the seat. One says made in Italy and the other says S L with a lion next to a chair between the letters. Can anyone help me with more information??


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I also noted that there are no phillip's head screws only flathead

I am attaching images below

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terry & carol fitzsimmons

we have the same sticker on ours and are also wondering how old and who is the maker.

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I've been asking around everywhere but I can't seem to get an answer

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Hello to you both;

Re: the bentwood rocking chair.

It is probably made of both stained ash and beechwood, with a cane back and seating.

It is a later model, dating to the early 1960's

The maker was Salvatore Leone, in Modena, Northern Italy. (Unfortunately now deceased)
The Leone's were in the 19th century, also into coach building, cabinetmaking and boat building.
However both the first and second world wars, took a heavy toll, both in terms of financial and human resources.

After Salvatores death in the late 70's, there were no family left, to continue the business.

Think of immense stretches of willows and tall reeds, of inundated rice fields..... think of musical instrument makers.... of violins, of bespoke furniture highlighted with french polish and of glistening black laquered gondola's, boats and shipbuilding in the delta area of Venice. (Veneto)
Therein lies the craft, of the Italian Adriatic bentwood traditions, which in turn, goes back to the middle ages.
The open structured serpentine bends in the coiling wood, reflects this tradition.(the flowing neck of a cell or double base)
A nice piece of funiture to own, and also quite comfortable too.

Give it a beeswax polish once or twice a year to keep the surface patina bright, and to nuture the wood. But do not over do it.
At 25 USD, you not only have a bargain, but a nice piece of history and modern craftsmanship.

Yours etc....DL

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I recently bought an ensemble of four chairs (see picture attached) with the same stickers. Based on these posts I now know about the manufacturer but I can't find any information regarding Salvatore Leone online. Any ideas where to have a look? I always try to gather as much info about my furniture as possible.

Thanks for your help!!!

Cheers, Ron


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