The bottom on my oak chair states that it is called "the Royal Chair" I am ...
The bottom on my oak chair states that it is called "the Royal Chair" I am looking for some place that I could get some parts for the reclining part of it. Anyone have thoughts?
by Royal Reclining Chair
Old Man Winter Chair?
Hello- Can anyone help me identify and/or date this rocking chair? I recently received it from a relative and was told it belonged to my great uncle's mother. I did some preliminary googling and ...
by Jennifer
Is this a Cushman chair? or what?
I have two of these chairs and am planning to refinish and reupholster as well. But, I am curious about the chairs. I cannot find any markings only a couple of staples where a tag may have been. ...
by Becky J J
jm young chair found
trying to identify a jm young low type rocker. has round paper circle label marked j.m. young sons chair manufacturers camden n.y. finsih: salem? cover: portland number: 1030..trying to find year, ...
by mike
I have a chair and settee that were passed down to me and I know belonged t...
I have a chair and settee that were passed down to me and I know belonged to my great grandmother. I think they are 1900 era Chippendale style in walnut. I am of course not at all sure. Looking over ...
by wejusnot
Chair Identification
I found this chair at a barn sale today. Its tall and quiet heavy. The back and seat are fully covered and the seat is stuffed with horsehair and burlap. The original fabric is torn and the springs ...
by crowxjane
5 legged chair
I recently found this chair and would like any information available. I have not been able to identify it or find any info on 5 legged chairs. Please help! ...
by theater
Antique chair
Found this discarded chair! ! Anyone have any idea it is? I couldn't let such a great chair be destroyed !
by Tony
Possible Stomps Burkhardt Co chair?
Hello, I am looking to purchase this chair from a friend. I believe it to be a Stomps Burkhardt Co Chair but I can't seem to find too many images of these more upright versions as opposed to the ...
by Frenchy82
Recently purchased this chair and would like to refinish it......what is th...
Recently purchased this chair and would like to refinish it......what is the best way? and could you tell me how old it might be and does it have any value. thanks so much. ...
by Guest
Sikes rocking chair $ Value
I have a Sikes rocking chair that has a tag with # 152 on it. I was wondering what is the $ value ? The back rest has a type of face carved in it and it seems to a little wider than a regular rocker. ...
by MindyO
100 year old chair
What kind of chair is this? And can you tell me what it might be worth? It's been sitting in an attic for years and still has the original leather seat. I've attached a couple photos. The feet have ...
by kerri
Can anybody tell me how to get information on an old wooden rocking chair t...
Can anybody tell me how to get information on an old wooden rocking chair that has a high back. No Screws or nails used to put it together. Carvings on the backrest appears to be palm trees from the ...
by Guest
Old rocking chair
I inherited this older rocking chair. I've been doing research and can't find anything about it. As far as I can tell it has no markings to identify a maker. Please help! ...
by Craig
I just bought this chair the other day and I have no idea what style it is or how much it is worth. I think it's two different chairs and someone just put them together. Any information would be ...
by jessica701
What is this chair?
The assembled chair is the ONLY photo I can find online of this chair; however, it has no documentation. My chair (disassembled) is red-ish and has the number 27 stamped in several places. Can ...
by Jared
Hi i have this chair with the number 56676.could someone give me some light on this please.thanks.
by tambo
Old chair
Hi was just wondering if anybody knew how old this chair is it was my uncles and now my mum has it but doesnt no if it has any value thanks ...
by Chair
Old Rocking Chair
I bought this rocking chair 26 years ago from a lady that said it was her grandmothers and was very old, i have searched and can not find information on it i found some that look close to it like the ...
by Heather Moore
Settee with matching chair
Hello. I appreciate in advance any help you may be able to give about this settee. My sister in law inherited the set quite a long time ago and now needs to try to sell it. The upholstery is original ...
by M Powell
Help Antique Chair
Any idea? Louis XV? Victorian Rococo? Was told late 1800s. French Cabriole legs. Found in uncles shed. Wondering what to do from here and ideas for refinishing. Check design on arm. Pretty cool. ...
by Qlueless
Milwaukee Chair company
I am cleaning out my basement and came across 3 chairs manufactured by Milwaukee chair company in 1926, they are all made from walnut. They came from my Dad's office many years ago. The chairs are in ...
by Bill
Thonet Chair - No. 17?
Hi, You seem very knowledgable, so I'm hoping you can provide some info on this chair I recently purchased at the Salvation Army for $5. I saw it and thought i might throw a coat of paint on it and ...
Old hand carved chair
I was wondering if anyone knew what era this was or anything about this! Thanks! http://www.mya
by Chelseamolee
thonet chair
real thonet or reproduction?? has a thonet label. thanks! http://www.myantiquefurniturecollection.c
by resh
Vintage chair
I have a Murphy Miller leather armchair that I'd like to know more about http://www.myantiquefur
by Kseevers
Restoring a chair
Found this chair in the street today. I don't think it has much value but I'd love to know more about. How can I fix the seat? It seems the seat won't come out without taking the whole chair apart ...
by jade
Rocking chair
Please help, how can I find out what this chair is worth http://www.myantiquefurniturecollection.
by R j Horner
Rocking chair
Been in the family a long time,can't find anything like it anywhere,any info would be great,thx.
by captlumpy
5 Legged Chair
Hi, Purchased this 5 Legged Corner/Elbow chair. I have looked for a makers mark but cannot find one. Can anybody help? It looks somewhat Mackintosh esque. Regards Dave ...
by Dave
Antique chair
My mom has a hand carved snake head arm chair. Anyone know what type this is or the value?
by Cindy's
what kind of chair is this? what is the value?
What is the value of this antique chair? Is this a morris chair? It reclines.
by Jb10
please identify my chair
I have this 100 year old chair that I would like to reupholster. I do not know anything about it. We found fragments of newspapers bearing the year of 1911. If anyone has any information on this, I ...
by mrbarneysr
Help me Id this Chair?
... g I believe its in the federalist style. I have found no maker marks nor any id information on the chair itself. It has a tooled ...
by wyoming6646
Is my Chair an Antique?
found at Goodwill, but very interesting ... wondering if anyone can tell me if it is antique, some of the details show that is may be from the william and mary era? But i am a little green on this ...
by Jenn
chair decal and maybe how old and where it is from
please help identify this chair, I know it is a Victorian corner chair that is all does have horse hair still inside ,Mom had it recovered recently it has always been a mystery..... ...
by penny
help identifying this chair
Hi. Can someone help me identify this chair a suggest what its value is? Thank you.
by herberta
value of a antique chair
Hi, I would like to know the date of this chair and it's value. It is stamped 1650 and has round screws. This is the chair with the plain back. The second one has a carving of what looks like a ...
by DonnaRae
What is the identity of this chair
My mother picked up this chair a an estate sale, and had me recane it. Is it anything of worth besides I think it looks pretty neat.
by Caned wing back rocker ...
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