Chair and rocker with carved wooden faces on arms

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Can anyone tell me about these chairs? They are from my great aunt's estate. I'd like to know how old they are and what they might be worth. Thanks

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Lovely chairs. Did you check the bottom for any marks or stamps?

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In addition to sharing a name, I have one of these chairs as well, the only difference being that mine is upholstered in red satin with a similar red ribbon covering the edges. I know it was made in the early 1900's from the Victorian Gothic style. Mine does not have any visible makers mark or plate, but it appears that the bottom of the chair was sealed up post-construction (wood doesnt match), so the inside may be hiding the info, and who knows what else. I always planned to reappolster the chair in a different color, so it doesnt look like the devils throne, and would probably remove the covering on the bottom at that time. If you have managed to find out anything else about them, or a value, I would very much appreciate the information. I will also keep you informed of any discoveries that I make.
I let a local antiques dealer examine the chair, and she said that she believes these were made out East, possibly by the Good Fellas organization. She said it was a chair for a man of power, having his devils to whisper in his ears and his hands resting upon the heads of his lions, awaiting his war comands. She said that it was in excellent shape for the period and would be worth even a few grand to the right customer. If that is true, I would probably sell mine. Although the chair is quite unique and probably would tell a very interesting story, if one were to sit and listen to the whispers, and therefore may be worth holding on to.

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Antique Wood Chair with ...

I also have a chair and rocker just like these except mine are covered in a maroon color fabric. The only thing I know about them is that they came out of my great aunts house in North Charleston, WV. If you ever find anything out about these chairs I would love to hear it. Thanks for sharing, John

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The face carved chairs were popular in the 1900s as you note. Notable makers of the face chairs are Stomps-Burkhardt and R.J. Horner.

The faces are often commonly called "North Wind" and also known as Devil Face, Old Man Winter and Boreas.

There are some fabulous examples in Google Images of these types of chairs often more ornate than one can imagine.

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Thanks for pointing me in a direction. I tried to find out anything I could through the following furniture maker's of the time (most of them of the time) and couldn't find even a picture close to these chairs: R J Horner, Alexander Roux, Herter Brother's, Allen & Brother's, Merklen Brother's, John Henry Belter and a few other's. Although I ran across many ornate chairs and furniture for that matter I still couldn't find anything out.

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