China Cabinet - How much is it worth?

6 years ago #1
Alexandra Mc


I've had this China Cabinet for years and don't know what kind it is or how old is may be or how much it may be worth. Can anyone tell me.

Thank you.


5 years ago #2

How much indeed.

The photo's show what appears to be a piece of quality, and well made reproduction furniture showing elements of the Sheraton style.
It also appears to be well care for indeed.
This is not really an antique in the useual sense of the word.
To be classified as an antique, all objects must be 100 years old.

A rough estimate in the current marktet at auction, would be between( 180 - 260) US dollars.

It is both a useful, and a good piece of home funishing.

Good luck with it!!

5 months ago #3

I just saw one similar online for thousands of dollars! I'd have an antique dealer appraise it! Maybe a few appraisals, before selling it!

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