DL Thompson and Son Chair

4 years ago #1
Rich D

Hello, I recently found this chair at a thrift store and was hoping to find a little more info about it. I believe it is made of oak, with a leather top. There is a maker's stamp on the bottom of the seat reading 'D.L. Thompson and Son Baldwinville, Mass'. A little research on the company turned up a few facts. The earliest reference to the company I could find was their location marked on an old map from 1886. Also, the company was later bought by the son E.L. who changed the name, and eventually sold the company in 1922. There is also a manufacturer's statistic report from 1896 describing the DL Thompson Chair company.

I am guessing the chair was around 1900, but any clarification on that would be great. Also, what style of chair would this be? I haven't been able to find any other examples quite like this.

And, of course, the big question is what is the value in it's current condition? Is this a piece that would benefit by being restored? I attached a few photos.


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