help identify this antique china cabinet

3 years ago #1
Antique china cabinet

I have this antique china cabinet that was purchased about 30 years ago. At that time I was told it was made in the late 1890's. I am thinking about selling it now and would like to find more information about it and and get an approximate value. There are no maker's marks that I can find. The only markings on it are stenciled markings "H C Hansen, Holstein IA" and "J Roberts, Sterling Neb" on some of the drawer bottoms, back panels, etc. Any help in identifying the maker, period, or value would be greatly appreciated.

3 years ago #2

Your cabinet has a lot going on.The bails are circa 1890 the shelf supports are a French design,circa 1890's you have Nails screw's etc. split side panels. mixed oak.

I would suggest your cabinet is Circa 1900 give or take a year.Plus it was refinished. which is usally a big Ouch in the antique sales.

But I would say $500.00 Dollars.

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