history and value of antique parlor set

6 years ago #1

I am hoping this forum can help me identify and perhaps suggest the value of this parlor set. There are five pieces including the sofa, armchair, a lady chair and two side chairs. These pieces have been in my family since new. I was told the frames are made from several types of wood possibly including ebony. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

5 years ago #2

Yes, a typical clssical revivalist set of furniture, dating to aound 1870 -1800.

Made of mahogany, partly hand crafted and industrial machine made.

A good quality, Victorian set of funiture which looks to be in original condition.

No ebony is used here. The stringing decorations is most probably executed in satinwood.

Not the most fashionable of items, at the moment.

Needs a good polishing with a bees wax polish, to bring out the colours and patina.

Not worth restoring, as the costs outweight the sales price at aution.

The buyer can get it reupholstered with own choice of colour and materials.

Badly in need of some TLC.

Auction value, is probably in the region of 470-550 US dollars.

It will outlast any flatpack funiture, bought today from one of those gigantic malls........

Hang onto it is my advice, I have a feeling that the market will turn again. Perhaps in 5-6 years you will get a top price for it. The market, is a bit down at the moment.

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