Holdfast Baby Plate D.E. McNicol East Liverpool, Ohio

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The baby plate I have has little Baby Bunting on it, and she is playing with little pigs. The saying on the plate is, "Baby Bunting runs away And joins the little pigs at play". The plate is in good condition. I was wondering what it is worth. thanks, DJC

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As best as I can determine these plates were produced between 1892 and 1910 give or tale a few years. The value greatly depends on condition and collectability
Quite a few of these plates are very crazed and stained from use flake chips around the edges are also very common These condition problems reduce the value considerably. Your plate in very good to excellent condition meaning no staining no pattern or gold trim loss, very little to no crazing could be worth upwards of a hundred dollars with staining and crazing could be worth 30 to 50 dollars to a collector

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