I have 1939 Dixie French Provincial bedroom furniture: 2 nig...

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I have 1939 Dixie French Provincial bedroom furniture: 2 nightstands, armoire, and very large dresser with mirror. I'm looking to sell, but, cannot find a value?? Can someone please help me?

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I don't know about the price but I'm giving my daughters my set and would possibly be interested in purchasing more. Please let me know.

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five piece dixie bedroom ...

We have a five piece bedroom set made by Dixie. Ive used it for 40 years. Im ready to part with it. Where do I go from here? Its used but other than thatits in pretty good condition. Mirror ,full head board, side rails foot rail dresser, night stand, tall boy . How do I know the value?
Ron & Venus

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Look for comparables on line simply by typing what you typed "1939 Dixie French Provincial bedroom furniture" in Google images, see if you can find a similar set and a price.

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