I have a birdseye maple vanity and a large dresser with two ...

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I have a birdseye maple vanity and a large dresser with two drawers on top (side by side) and then four drawers below the two. The vanity has one drawer in the middle and three on each side. Both pieces have wheels (made of wood), beveled glass mirrors and very ornate carvings around the mirrors. On the back of each piece is a porcelain tag with the name R J Horner with two addresses in NY. Anyone have any idea how old, and what the value of these pieces are. They are in good condition, except the tall dresser has a crack in the top right corner of the mirror.

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Thank you for the photo's, which are all very good indeed.
However in order to make an assesment I would like some more images please, and all taken of the following parts:
1. A close up, of the drawer handles.
2. 2. images of the drawer joinery, on 2. different drawers.
3. One imgae of the bottom (underside) on one drawer, if all drawers are all the same.
4. One general image of the carcass ( the inside body work) taken from the front, with all the drawers removed.
5. Lastly, one image taken of the back of the furniture.
Thank you.
Yours etc....DL

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RJ Horner

Thank you so much for your quick reply. I took photos of what you asked for and hope they are what you're looking for . I can only send 6 through this reply, but am going to try to send others as a reply to your email. Not sure if they'll find their way to you, but hopefully they will. Thanks for all your help as it is very much appreciated.
Carol Higgins

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RJ Horner

More photos

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