I have a set of china given to me by my grandfather. It is a...

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I have a set of china given to me by my grandfather. It is a lime green and Gold Trim in a sort of flower leaf pattern. On the bottom it is stamped with Windsor China Co. Sebring Ohio. National brotherhood of Operative Potters Union Label. Warranted 22-k gold Victoria 11-36. My grandfather has since passes and I was wondering if there was any way to get information on it. Any idea the vaule? It is about over 100 pieces. Thank you.

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The pattern name is Victoria 11-36 is most likely a date of manufacture. This does not seem to be a very popular manufacturer or pattern which also affects the value. What you do have in your favor is the size of the set. You do not mention what pieces you have but to the right retail buyer the set may bring $200 if just plates to $300+ if you also have serving and hostess pieces, but condition greatly affects any value these plates may have. If the plates are in near mint /excellent condition the above price is possible. Heavy crazing or staining, cracks and chips reduces the price depending on how many and what pieces are damaged

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thank you! very informative.

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