I have a small rocking chair with no arms manufactured by Ma...

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I have a small rocking chair with no arms manufactured by Mayhew Furniture of Milwaukee. The height of the back is 32". It has a trapezoid seat measuring 17" in front, 14" in back and 15" on the sides. It has a rush seat in a pattern of four triangles whose points meet in the center. There is also a number printed on the inside of the back piece of the seat frame; it is 8727. What can you tell me about this rocker? How old is it? What would be it's current value? Thank you.

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the link below is from about a year ago on this forum and seems to suggest that Mayhew was a furniture store in Milwaukee so the pieces could have come from a variety of manufactures

Please if you could provide some photos

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Thank you for your reply with a link to prior answers. Here are a couple of pictures of the chair.

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