jefferson EZ table slide

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the Jefferson wood ...

i was wondering the value of a table like this. or if its consider an antique

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Hi, It does not seem to be antique (which is 100 years or older) so says Value depends much on construction, material, quality etc.

Woodworking has been an American tradition since before the Declaration of Independence. Legend reports that Thomas Jefferson invented a wooden lap desk with a drawer and writing surface he could use during his travels. The Jefferson Wood Working Company of Louisville, Kentucky, with no connection to Thomas Jefferson, made table slides used to place a leaf in the table. These table slides were marked with the Jefferson Wood Working name. Jefferson Woodworking of Palm City, Florida, has made tables for the past 30 years, with hand-crafted production sold primarily in Florida.

Read more: Are Jefferson Wood Working Tables <email>

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I, too, own a Jefferson Slide table. It was purchased by my mother in 1979. It is 48" round with two 10" leaves. It comfortably seats ten, but we've had twelve to dine upon it. It is oak with beautifully carved claw feet -- the likes of which we have never seen. The center
pedestle is also large and ornate. The table bears the "Jefferson Slide Stamp", but what we find interesting is that it also bears the zip code. Do we have the real thing?

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they are reproductions. Jefferson closed in the 1990's

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