Late 1800's Antique China Cabinet with Patent Stamp

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I placed a sales ad online for this and was flooded with responses. I quickly de-listed it realizing that I didn't know the value. I searched everywhere on the cabinet and wasn't able to find a manufacturer label. My guess (perhaps wrong) is that it is from the late 1800's to early 1900's. Screws and nails are machine cut. There are hand-cut dove tail joints on the drawer and on the back of the china cabinet. There is a patent stamp on the back with "MAH" for Mahogany on the stamp. Not sure what the other numbers on the stamp mean. The varnish could be shellac because I see small spider web cracks. The person who sold it to me initially didn't have any information on it.

Are these a dime a dozen or could there be some value to this? Does any one have a good starting point for an approximate value?

Thank you!

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I have almost the EXACT same china cabinet!! I just bought it from a seller on They were asking $200, I paid $150 but I'm sure it's worth more. The seller said it had been previously owned by her Mother and she'd had it forever so I'm guessing it's at least 1940's or 50's. Have you found out anymore info? I believe the manufacturer might be Drexel from other photos online I've seen.

Would like to know if you ever found more info on yours.


Simi Valley, Ca

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Due to the the machined screws, the manufacturers coding and the dovetails (I'm not sure I agree that they are hand-cut) - this looks like early 20th century to meou can test your assumption of the finish by rubbing a bit of denatured alcohol on a small inconspicuous spot (back, bottom) that has finish on it. If it dissolves or becomes very gummy, it's shellac. However, by the time I believe this piece was made (1920's or later), shellac had fallen out of favor with manufacturers in favor of lacquers and varnishes.

Let us know!

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