Limbert Vanity

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Jessie P

Hi, thank you for stopping and looking. I have been seeking any information I can find on my vanity. I inheirted this piece from my great aunt and it had been sitting in storage for me for 20+ years.

I have learned from reading online about Charles Limbert and that this was actually probably a later piece becuase of the makers mark.

This is a little bit of family history to me any information that can be given would be appriciated!

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Antiques RSA
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very nice.

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Thank you, I am fortunate that my parents hung onto it for so long for me and the dresser that may or may not match.

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Well... when you see the words Van Raalte under the Limbert mark, it is a later piece. It has no realtion to the Arts and Crafts Era pieces but they are nice items nonetheless. A principal of the company, VanRaalte took over after Charles Limbert died. This helps date the piece somewhat.

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