Lorenz painting

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Enchanted Vista by Lorenz

I have a 24x60 framed Lorenz painting titled:
Enchanted Vista . It has a gold name plate in the center with the title, signed in red bottom right corner. Back says "A Windsor Art Product" on a green label. Has an IBM number and a stamp - Inspected by B.D. ( also 3 numbers written in red on back )
I was offered a good amount of money a few years ago.
I just want to know what it is worth.
Thanks, Lara

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Windsor Art Products commissioned artists to paint pictures and then they reproduced them on a board or canvas to look like paintings.Most of the time the artists name is made up also. It was a way for the average guy to be able to afford some art work without spending a fortune. The bad news for you is that these pieces have no real value as art and the value is well under $100. The giveaway on it being a print is the pattern and reorder number real art is one of a kind

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