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RE: Old German Bed
I have a sled bed that my parents found on the side of the road in Frankfurt, Germany over 35 years ago. The bed is in good conidion and even still has the box spring to it. The best way to describe it is the headboard is approx. 5 ft tall, footboard about 3 1/2 ft. with runner boards on both sides that even curve at both ends where they join to the head and foot boards. Four round knobs on each corner. And I guess one of the most destictive part is there is a circle about 3-4 inches with smaller circles inside of it. It is located in the center of the headboard and also the footboard. The wood is a dark mahogany. My mom has had it storage for years and someone made her an offer on it so I'm curious as to what its worth. My mom said that she hasn't noticed any markings on it however I cannot speak to how well she looked. I've looked at antique beds online for hours trying to find a similar to get some idea of who made it, how old it is and its worth. I cannot afford to have it appraised I'm not even living in the same state as my mom. Please if you have any suggestion to make my search go quicker and easier please let me know. Thank you

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