Value of 1960 Maple 2 piece Ethan Allen Hutch/buffet

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Ethan Allen Maple Hutch

we have my husbands mother's Maple Ethan Allen Hutch
with glass doors - can you give me rough estimate?

Susan M
San Diego, Ca

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Thank you for your enquiry .
Unfortunately I prefer not to give on line valuations, based solely on either just photo's, or asking .
This is because;
1. It is notoriously difficult, not having seen the object myself and being able to make the required checks
2. Good and reliable Valuations depend on numerous factors such as; condition, provenance, make /maker, production numbers, sales venue, geographical location, and time of year.
3. Not wishing to give an on line valuation, is not a question of me ducking the issue, but out of all fairness to you yourself, and the items that you wish to sell.
4. When selling objects, it is a really good idea to put a fixed reserve on them, so that they do not get sold for nothing
Yours etc…DL


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