what do the numbers mean on the back of this old antique wal...

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what do the numbers mean on the back of this old antique walnut warerobe

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Normaly you see letters like.wal or mah then numbers. wal meaning walnut mah being mahagony etc depending on the furniture co.

there catalog & stock numbers. most often useless to us. but in some case's the numbers can be usefull if you have the company catalog.

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I answered a similar question about this before on here.
Examine your furniture for markings or labels that identify the manufacturer, or a lot or patent number. Starting in the nineteenth century, ranges of numbers were assigned to each year's new patents. Use a chart such as Biddington's to look up the number you find to see if it corresponds with a year. Look at the hardware used in the furniture. Nails, screws and saws of different types and shapes came into use at different points in history. For example, screws were rarely used in furniture before 1830 and the circular saw did not exist until after that date. Therefore, an item built with these materials cannot be dated as an authentic piece before 1830.
Educate yourself about the historical periods of furniture-making using a history book with plenty of pictures. Examples are Chippendale (mid-to-late 1700s), Empire (1830 to 1850) and Victorian (1850 to 1910). Your antique may be easily identified as belonging in one specific period by the style of the piece.

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