what was my five platter side table practically used for?

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It was the oldest piece in my Grandparent's home. I am now 63 years. My Mother next used it shortly for African violet plants, then it went into the attic where it stayed for years until my Mother died. I got it, no one else wanted it, I have always loved it.It was made in the late 1870's I believe.Walnut, dark stained in real good shape.

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Re; The furniture.
A quite simple designed "Etager", similar in use to an English "what not".
Edwardian in design, but slightly later.
Used for serving cakes and pasties, when having afternoon tea. Being foldable it saves space when not in use, much like an ironing board.
It is indeed, made from walnut.
These, objects came in many different sizes and decor.
Only in use today at a very few fashionalble top end hotels, where the use of tea bags are banned; but "high quality afternoon teas" are still being served.
A very common relic, from an all but forgotten past and not at all rare in itself.
Such objects, represented ideas about culinary aspirations and giving people a choice of both content and quality. In fact it represents ideas, which are indeed a far cry from the modern day drab "junk food" and deep frozen pizzas, that they have lost pretty much all significance.
Perhaps revived on summer evenings, to be garlanded with strawberries and cream and glasses of chilled rataffia. However, on the odd occasion such objects are still used at the Wimbledon lawn tennis club tournaments, the lawns at the Henly Regatta, or Roland Garros.
But generally speaking, one is looking at an image which very often gets used for landfill, or is burnt in a stove.
Yours etc...DL

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