Baumiller coffee table

I have this old Baumiller coffee table, and was wondering if its worth anything.

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You have an Baumritter cocktail table from approximately the late 1950's, early 1960's. The #1550 was the original item number and was ultimately replaced with an Ethan Allen item number of #10-8580. The changeover to #10-8580 occurred sometime around 1963-1964 as the 1964 edition of the EA Treasury catalog listed your table with the updated number.

Your hinged top table was part of a collection called Occasional Tables and EA promoted numerous cocktail and end tables with hinged tops because of the additional storage options. Your table was often paired with a "Doughbox End Table" in advertising from the early 1960's.

In very good to excellent condition, your nutmeg finished table would be worth about $45-65. I have seen them sell from $25 up to $100 depending on condition and the market in your area.

Hope this helps!


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