Family History Of Garnett & Sons Furniture

Credit for this post goes to Paul Doodson.

Robert Garnett Snr, born 1806 and died 1877, was a cabinet maker and founded Garnett & Sons. His father, also called Robert, was a watchmaker. He married my Great x3 Aunt Mary Susannah Thornley and her sister married my Great x3 Grandfather Henry Ashton, who was also a cabinet maker and neighbour to Robert. It was his son, also called Robert, born 1830 and died 1903, who was the powerhouse of the company.

They had shops in Warrington, Chester and Southport, England. The factory was in Warrington at the back of the showroom, still standing, it became the Woolworths on Sankey Street, and is now Poundland (isn’t that what’s happening to everything these days). The factory has, just as I type, been scheduled for demolition, which also means the loss of the Italianate Crenellated Water Tower, a part of Warrington’s skyline for over a hundred years.

William Roberts younger brother oversaw the premises in Chester, his daughter Mary (Garnett) Jenks, her son Maurice became Lord Mayor of the City of London and was given an hereditary baronetcy and became Sir Maurice Jenks. Robert Garnett died in 1903, he was a brilliant artist, his youngest brother David Garnett, his son Alfred Payne Garnett became an RA artist, sadly he died young. Robert left over ten million pounds in today’s money in his will. The Garnetts were great philanthropists and gave a lot to the poor, they built churches and schools so the poor of society could be educated.


  • Pic 1 Garnett & Sons dresser, image posted by Harry Steven
  • Pic 2 Robert Garnett
  • Pic 3 The Robert’s family home (no longer in existence)
  • Pic 4 Chester branch of Garnetts
  • Pic 4 Garnetts showroom Warrington
  • Pic 5 Garnetts showroom Warrington
  • Pic 6 Street view of Warrington’s skyline with Garnett’s factory tower visible
  • Pic 7 Aerial view of Garnett’s factory
  • Pic 8 Factory tower
  • Pic 9 Another view of the factory

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  • Vale: Paul, thank you for sharing some of your family history related to Garnett & Sons with us!

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