I Have Vintage Furniture That I Need To Ship. What Questions Should I Ask The Freight Company?

First of all, I always suggest getting several estimates as I have shipped furniture with widely varying estimates / prices!!! Before deciding which company to ship with, here is a list of questions that I recommend asking:

  1. Do you price by weight or cubic feet?
  2. What types of payment do you accept?
  3. Do you package or crate my furniture? If not, what packaging do you require? Costs for crating? Shrink wrapping (if possible)? Ask to see pictures (examples) of other crated items.
  4. Do you pick up or must I deliver to your facility? Are there additional charges for steps or second floor pickup / delivery?
  5. Do you deliver to residences? If so, additional costs? If so, will they bring it inside or set at door?
  6. How is my furniture shipped? Truck, rail...etc.
  7. From the day of shipment what is the expected transit / delivery time? Is this guaranteed?
  8. If my furniture is damaged or lost, what insurance or compensation is available?
  9. Could my delivery be delayed if you have a LTL, less than a load, policy? (means they don’t ship to your area until they have a full truck going that way)
  10. If they unassemble your furniture for shipping...will they reassemble upon delivery?
  11. Can you track the shipment by a tracking number?
  12. Do they ever sub out shipment? Run if they do!!!

Finally, I suggest getting a written contract with detailed pricing / insurance info, bill of lading, and paying by a credit card (provides some additional protection). Also, research the company to see if others have been happy, if there are complaints, longevity in business...

Hope this helps!


Image By Ildar Sagdejev (Specious) (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Vale: Great list of questions!! I will be printing this out for future reference :D
  • CBDallas: Awesome post, Caroline! 👍
  • WNCCaroline: Thanks!
  • nsn300z: Wonderful post Caroline, thank you for the great info.

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